Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Wet Market

Our new nanny, Yarzar, goes to the wet market once a week to buy us fresh fruits, veggies and seafood. Here is a list of what she bought today:

Corn on the Cob – about a dozen ears

Large Bag full of Okra

Large Bag full of Tomatoes

Large Bag full of Leeks

Large Bag full of Potatoes

Large Bag full of Onions

Large Bag full of Spring Onions

Two Large Bags full of Green Beans

1 Bunch Cilantro

1 Watermelon

1 Head of Cabbage

2 Large Carrotts

1 Pineapple

10 Mangos

1 Papaya

1 Large Bag of Jumbo Prawns (at least 20 in the bag)

1 Large Bag of Bok Choy

1 Large Bag of Baby Corn

4 Bell Peppers

1 Large Bag Broccoli

1 Large Bag Cauliflower

1 Mortar and Pestle

I am probably missing something from the list – the bags of fruit and veggies seemed to be endless!

Now any guesses how much all this cost her? Please humor me and guess.


  1. OK, I am going to humor you and guess $40. I would think that it would be a lot more, but you always say things are so reasonable. So, that is my guess.

  2. $30 and there were several items that I actually left off this list that I discovered later that she had bought. Unreal back home a mortar and pestle would have cost $50 alone.